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SOUND SWAP is a stand alone software which can send and manage midi program change messages.
You can control eight instruments, those include seven sound slots respectively. Each slot contains the program change message and also a bank select controller. Furthermore you can assign a short text message or a name which will be transmitted to the Novation Lauchpad controller and appears as rolling text on the pad matrix when the slot has been called.
A practical feature is a couple function for all instruments- thereby you can change all together when you change one. The most important LED colors of the Launchpad controller can be adjusted by a special color control panel. i´s stored within the presets.

Each instrument page contains a midi port field. If you need connections to destinations on the same computer, you can use two virtual midi ports. OS X core midi allows parallel working with any count of midi programs. It means you can use SOUND SWAP e.g. together with a DAW and both can send midi data to the same midi out port.